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Catalonia October Update: Mas Blinks, Junqueras Calls for Unilateral Independence

President of the Catalan Generalitat, Artur Mas, announced yesterday during a press conference that his government would call off the November 9th consultation in the light of the precautionary suspension imposed by the Constitutional Court. In his statement, the Catalan president declared: “The Government still has the intention of holding a consultation on 9N. The […]

Scotland, Cameron and Rajoy

The ballots are in and Scotland has voted decisively to remain in the Union[1]. The results became clear in the early morning hours after 30 of Scotland’s 32 councils had reported in and the lead in the “NO” vote became insurmountable. By a slightly wider margin than I had previously predicted[2] Scottish voters agreed that they […]

Catalonia-Spain September Update: The Gift of a Thistle

People are finally starting to take notice of the political tsunami that is forming in Europe. People that matter: market makers, fund managers, traders. They are coming to realize what some of us have been saying since 2010: a storm is coming, and its twin foci are Scotland and Catalonia. It begins in Scotland, where […]

Mariano Rajoy’s Quixotic Priorities

Never a dull moment when it comes to the antics of the Spanish government. Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy recently hosted German Chancellor Angela Merkel[1], also known as “La Patrona”. Mrs. Merkel went to Madrid to shore up support in Europe’s fifth largest economy for a continuation of austerity measures. This was made necessary by the […]

Catalonia: July Update

The situation in Catalonia is developing so quickly that I have abandoned all hope of using pithy titles for my articles. From now on, I will be forced to use head turners like “July Update”. November is right around the corner, so I won’t have to abuse this expedient too much, to everyone’s great relief. […]

Gibraltar: A Firmer Response Is Needed

On the 17th of July, a Spanish Navy patrol boat intercepted two merchant ships en route to the port of Gibraltar and ordered them to turn around[1]. The incident took place within the 3-mile International limit, which Spain does not recognize in the case of Gibraltar. This incident adds to the more than 600 incursions[2] […]

Bloomberg Non-News: Mas Might Delay Referendum If Rajoy Accepts Legality

Artur Mas tells Bloomberg that he is ready to delay the referendum if the Spanish Government accepts its legality, a la Scotland. (See Bloomberg’s interview with Artur Mas: http://t.co/uXuH2Ed26e) This has been the Generalitat’s position all along: “accept the referendum, then we’ll talk.” It has gotten nowhere because Mariano Rajoy’s position has been: “renounce the […]

Spain’s Fearful Old Order Entrenches Itself

The Spanish People’s Party is changing the electoral law in Castilla-La Mancha to ensure that it can maintain a provincial parliamentary majority even while receiving a minority of votes (1). In some countries, this is called “single party dictatorship” and opposed, but not in Spain. Here, it has gone practically without notice or interest by […]

Who are Podemos?

I’ve be following the impact of the “Podemos” phenomenon on Spanish politics since the European elections late last May. It is not too much of an exaggeration to say that the effect has been revolutionary: the King of Spain has abdicated to ensure that the Succession Law required by the Spanish Constitution would be passed […]

Spain’s Bolivarian Revolution (Part 2): Sooner Than Expected?

Spain’s Bolivarian Revolution (Part Two): Sooner Than Expected? Last week I wrote about the terrible results suffered in the European elections by Spain’s mainstream duopoly of political power: the governing People’s Party and the Socialist Worker’s Party contrived to lose 5 million votes between them. Many of these votes went to the insurgent party “Podemos;” […]

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