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Catalonia October Update: Mas Blinks, Junqueras Calls for Unilateral Independence

President of the Catalan Generalitat, Artur Mas, announced yesterday during a press conference that his government would call off the November 9th consultation in the light of the precautionary suspension imposed by the Constitutional Court. In his statement, the Catalan president declared: “The Government still has the intention of holding a consultation on 9N. The […]

Catalonia-Spain September Update: The Gift of a Thistle

People are finally starting to take notice of the political tsunami that is forming in Europe. People that matter: market makers, fund managers, traders. They are coming to realize what some of us have been saying since 2010: a storm is coming, and its twin foci are Scotland and Catalonia. It begins in Scotland, where […]

Catalonia: July Update

The situation in Catalonia is developing so quickly that I have abandoned all hope of using pithy titles for my articles. From now on, I will be forced to use head turners like “July Update”. November is right around the corner, so I won’t have to abuse this expedient too much, to everyone’s great relief. […]

Bloomberg Non-News: Mas Might Delay Referendum If Rajoy Accepts Legality

Artur Mas tells Bloomberg that he is ready to delay the referendum if the Spanish Government accepts its legality, a la Scotland. (See Bloomberg’s interview with Artur Mas: http://t.co/uXuH2Ed26e) This has been the Generalitat’s position all along: “accept the referendum, then we’ll talk.” It has gotten nowhere because Mariano Rajoy’s position has been: “renounce the […]

Update Catalonia: 24 April

Update Catalonia: 24 April 2014 Three minor, but potentially interesting developments in the evolving situation in Catalonia were in the news this week. In his first address to the Spanish Parliament on Catalonia since the referendum debate on April 9th, Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy called on Catalans to accept the decision of  the national […]

Catalonia and Spain: End Game Scenarios

I have written a number of times[1] on the increasingly tense situation in Catalonia, Spain’s prickliest province that also wants to become Europe’s newest independent state. On April 8th another act in the unfolding drama was completed: three representatives of the pro-separatist elements in the Catalan Parlament visited Madrid to officially request the authority to […]

Spain: Horns of a Dilemma

Three representatives of the Catalan regional government traveled to Madrid today to formally request that the central government grant the Generalitat the necessary authority to hold a referendum on independence. This was a key issue in the 2012 regional election when voters returned a 65% majority of pro-referendum parties to the Parlament. The Spanish Constitution […]

The Most Important Election

Between the U.S. general elections and the 18th Party Congress in China, most people can be forgiven for thinking that all the exciting elections in November were done and dusted. Of course the transitions in the two most powerful countries in the world are important, but beyond the personalities and the extraordinary spectacle, neither vote promised much […]

The Bloody Flag

Spain has been in the news recently more often than is good for any country and the news has been generally bad. The only bright point has been the easing of pressure on Spanish bonds, thanks to the ECB’s promise to defend the euro at any cost. The 10-year bond remains just under 6%[1] which, […]

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