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Mythbusters #4: A Rebuttal

I’m always hoping for intelligent and challenging feedback to my articles, and I received an email from a good friend of mine who was happy to oblige me. This is not the first debate we’ve carried on by email – the one around the health care reform debate could have filled a small book – […]

Where Are The Jobs, Mr. President?

Back in January 2012, I predicted that if unemployment was below 8% on Election Day, President Obama would be reelected (with some additional caveats). Dutifully enough, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that unemployment stood at 7.9% in October and the President never looked back. In an election where social and foreign policy issues were arrayed […]

Election 2012 September Update

Only 46 days and a wake up until the general elections and that’s an eternity. With the Republican and Democratic Conventions behind us, we can still look forward to three nationally televised Presidential debates as well as one Vice Presidential debate in October. We can also expect that the September and October payrolls and consumer/business […]

Campaign 2012: May Update

Campaign 2012 May Update With Mitt Romney reaching the Republican nomination threshold of 1144 delegates, and thus claiming the top spot on May 29th, Election 2012 is “officially” underway. In fact, the presumptive Republican candidate and President Obama have been in full campaign mode against each other since mid-April. With 6 months plus one week […]

“Our obligations to our country never cease but with our lives.“

John Adams


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