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Reforming the Security Council


The United Nations General Assembly met last week in plenary session in New York, an annual event when world leaders have a chance to get on the world stage and push their national and individual agendas for 15 minutes. More importantly, it is an opportunity for lots of backroom, private discussions that might not otherwise […]


Security and Defence Policy in an Independent Catalonia by Alex Calvo


Alex Calvo, a guest professor at Nagoya University (Japan), focuses on security and defence policy, international law, and military history, in the Indian-Pacific Ocean Region. He tweets @Alex__Calvo and his work, which includes “China’s Air Defense Identification Zone: Concept, Issues at Stake and Regional Impact”, Naval War College Press Working Papers, No 1, US Naval […]


Obama, ISIS and the Death of the United Nations


On September 23rd, the United States commenced bombing operations against Islamic State targets in Syria. Aircraft bombed enemy infrastructure, equipment parks, logistical facilities and other high-value targets across a broad swath of territory, from Ramadi to Rakka and Aleppo. Air attacks have been launched every day and night since then, striking at ISIS economic targets […]


“Our obligations to our country never cease but with our lives.“

John Adams


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