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Challenge and Response, but No Policy Change: US Strikes Assad

On the night of April 6th, US naval forces in the Mediterranean launched 59 cruise missiles against the Syrian government facility at Shayrat Air Force Base. The Tomahawk missiles were launched from the frigates USS Porter and USS Ross in response to a deadly chemical attack carried out on Tuesday the 4th against the civilians […]

Inherent Resolve: Evaluating the First 60 days of the Trump Administration

While campaigning for election last year, candidate Trump derided then President Obama’s strategy in the war against the Islamic State. Calling it misguided and weak, Mr. Trump claimed that he knew more than the officers involved in conducting the operations of Inherent Resolve and that he had a plan to utterly destroy ISIS within 30 […]

“Brussels Attacks: A Poor Plan Executed With Good Bombs” by Stratfor

The article is reprinted with permission of the Stratfor. The views expressed are exclusively those of the author and are not necessarily endorsed by Common Sense.   Summary Details of the March 22 attacks in Brussels are still emerging. But new information from several sources suggests the attacks were smaller than originally planned and may have been […]

Syria is the New Spanish Civil War

The Syrian Civil War, the fight against the Islamic State, the anarchy in Yemen, terrorist bombings in Lebanon and Kuwait, the renewal of hostilities between Turkish authorities and the PKK: these events cannot be viewed in isolation. Although each has its own unique and specific causes, actors and circumstances, they all must be viewed through […]

Evolution of Islamic State Objectives and Operations

Recent changes in the balance of power in the Syrian battlespace has possibly led to a change in strategic focus by the Islamic State. These changes are vital to understand in order to evaluate the potential impact both on the outcome of the civil war as well as the broader implications for the entire Arab […]

How Paris Changes Everything

Europe’s 9-11. That’s what the coordinated terrorist attack on Friday night has been called. With 128 dead and over 200 wounded, the Paris attack is an order of magnitude smaller than the destruction wrought on New York; yet the psychological impact may be similar. The rhetoric coming out of Europe is an echo of the […]

France rocked by Multiple Terror Attacks

This update is republished with permission of Stratfor. The views expressed are exclusively those of the author and are not necessarily endorsed by Common Sense.     Update (6:00 CST): According to French media reports, French security forces have stormed and secured the Bataclan theater. The attackers apparently used grenades inside the main concert hall, Aujourd’hui […]

The Coming Age of Cyberterrorism by Scott Stewart

The Coming Age of Cyberterrorism is republished with permission of Stratfor. The views expressed are exclusively those of the author and are not necessarily endorsed by Common Sense.   The Islamic State is trying to hack U.S. power companies, U.S. officials told a gathering of American energy firms Oct. 15, CNNMoney reported. The story quoted John Riggi, […]

The Madness AFTER Chattanooga

Muhammad Abdulazeez took a semi-automatic rifle and two handguns, got into his rented silver Mustang and prepared to die. But first, he meant to take as many American military personnel with him as possible. He first drove to a recruiting facility located in a Chattanooga strip mall and emptied the magazine of his rifle into […]

Do Mitt Romney and Jeb Bush Deserve Praise for Denouncing Charleston?

A number of my Democrat-leaning friends have posted praise for Mitt Romney and Jeb Bush in their open condemnation of the horrific Charleston terror attack. Mr. Romney has even gone so far as to call for the removal of the Confederate flag from the South Carolina memorial in front of the State Capitol.  Not that […]

“Our obligations to our country never cease but with our lives.“

John Adams


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