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The Fear of the Other Europe by Reva Bhalla

The Fear of the Other Europe is republished with permission of Stratfor. The views expressed are exclusively those of the author and are not necessarily endorsed by Common Sense.   Refugees are a natural byproduct of revolution. Stripped of status and security in the throes of political change, the masses will tend to sacrifice a life of […]

Evaluation of US Operations in Syria and Iraq

A great deal of ink has been shed in the short period of time since the commencement of Russian air operations in Syria. The Russian press is naturally effusive in its praise of Vladimir Putin, the Great Leader, his boldness and decisiveness: they would be out of business otherwise. Strangely enough, the Western media is […]

The Turkish Loadstone in the War Against ISIL

On July 23rd, the United States and Turkey announced that they had reached an agreement[1] on the use of Incirlik air base as well as Turkish participation in the campaign against the Islamic State. US officials called the agreement “a game changer”[2] and the Air Force immediately began operating armed drones out of the base […]

Outside the Box: Is the Islamic State Close to Victory?

The United States looks back on over a year of combat operations against the Islamic State. The cancer of ISIL, left festering in Syria, metastasized with hideous speed throughout the Sunni Corridor in Al Anbar province and sped on technicals[1] to the take the ancient Arab city of Mosul, even as the Iraqi units assigned […]

Outside the Box: Can the Islamic State Actually Win?

I read an interesting article in Al Jazeera yesterday titled “Has ISIL Won?”[1] Mr. Khan argues that ISIL has not yet won and the forces arrayed against them are formidable, but that the organization has secured significant victories and dominates much of Iraq and Syria. It also dominates the social media and propaganda war in […]

Outside the Box: Is It Time to Deal with Assad?

I was recently trading emails with a colleague from Catalonia on a separate topic when he asked me to explain the “lack of interest” of the United States in the major events going on around the world, especially Ukraine and Iraq. Without going into the details[1], my response boiled down to the US wishing to […]

“Our obligations to our country never cease but with our lives.“

John Adams


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