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Pivot to Asia

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Asia’s March of Folly


In 1906 the HMS Dreadnought gently rode the Portsmouth yard slipways into the cold waters of the English Channel. Her launching immediately made every other battleship on Earth obsolete. The brainchild and driving passion of Admiral “Jackie” Fisher, First Lord of the Admiralty, the Dreadnought revolutionized naval architecture so thoroughly that she gave her name […]


The Architect of Democracy


Executive Summary Russian actions in Crimea force the United States to reconsider its strategic posture and President Obama’s declared “pivot to Asia” in the new context of the threat to Eastern Europe. This action represents a fundamental challenge to the international legal and institutional framework, already frayed by US unilateralism, Western “human rights” interventions, and […]


“Our obligations to our country never cease but with our lives.“

John Adams


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