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Who are Podemos?


I’ve be following the impact of the “Podemos” phenomenon on Spanish politics since the European elections late last May. It is not too much of an exaggeration to say that the effect has been revolutionary: the King of Spain has abdicated to ensure that the Succession Law required by the Spanish Constitution would be passed […]


Spain’s Bolivarian Revolution (Part 2): Sooner Than Expected?


Spain’s Bolivarian Revolution (Part Two): Sooner Than Expected? Last week I wrote about the terrible results suffered in the European elections by Spain’s mainstream duopoly of political power: the governing People’s Party and the Socialist Worker’s Party contrived to lose 5 million votes between them. Many of these votes went to the insurgent party “Podemos;” […]


Spain’s Bolivarian Revolution (Part One)


Spain’s Bolivarian Revolution The recent European Elections has more than lived up to its billing as top notch entertainment, even if the EU Presidential debates did not. There was plenty of excitement, with Nigel Farage delivering his usual theatrical performance; there was tragedy as France practically went into mourning following the blow-out performance by Marine […]


“Our obligations to our country never cease but with our lives.“

John Adams


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