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Obama’s Deal with Congress: Who Wins?

Summary: Recent domestic developments in the United States and Iran appear to represent setbacks for supporters of the nuclear negotiations. However, while the compromises and challenges are real, the concessions agreed upon actually benefit the President more than Congress and strengthen his hand. Russian efforts to derail a deal without appearing to are also proving […]

After Newton: Symbols versus Substance

President Obama has announced the White House response to the tragedy of Newton. With the stated goal of better protecting our children and our communities, the Administration has listed 23 executive actions that will be implemented immediately without the need for Congressional authorization. He has also called on Congress to focus on 6 areas for […]

Campaign 2012: May Update

Campaign 2012 May Update With Mitt Romney reaching the Republican nomination threshold of 1144 delegates, and thus claiming the top spot on May 29th, Election 2012 is “officially” underway. In fact, the presumptive Republican candidate and President Obama have been in full campaign mode against each other since mid-April. With 6 months plus one week […]

Article from the Economist

http://www.economist.com/node/21530986 How could anyone seriously accuse President Obama of “class warfare” when he has caved in on every fiscal and taxation debate to the Republicans?? Unless the Economist meant that Obama was supporting the status quo of the rich fleecing the poor and middle class to pay; but somehow I doubt that. Class warfare indeed! […]

“Our obligations to our country never cease but with our lives.“

John Adams


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