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Trump’s Nuclear Offer to Russia

Over the weekend, US President-Elect indicated his willingness to negotiate an end to Russian sanctions in return for a nuclear arms control agreement. This was ahead of a planned/not-planned meeting between the two leaders soon after the American Presidential Inauguration. With the typical vacuity of Mr. Trump’s policy statements, there were absolutely no details provided: […]

Iran Nuclear Deal: Creating a New Paradigm in the Middle East

On Tuesday, the P5+1 nations reached an agreement with the Islamic Republic of Iran for the peaceful resolution of the nuclear impasse[1]. A collapse of the talks would almost certainly have resulted in an Iranian sprint for a working atomic bomb and very probably a US-led air campaign to prevent it. Negotiators from both sides […]

Historic Nuclear Deal with Iran Reached

The Five +1 nations have reached an agreement with the Islamic Republic of Iran for the peaceful resolution of the nuclear impasse, says the New York Times. This is a “Nixon going to China” moment in US foreign policy. If the deal holds, and if the Iranians live up to their end, and if the […]

Conspiracy Theory: Was John Kerry the Victim of an Assassination Attempt?

Let me begin by saying that here at Common Sense, I am not a believer in conspiracy theories. All history proves that in even relatively closed societies, conspiracies suffer from an inverse square law of revelation. That is to say that the probability of a conspiracy successfully being kept secret declines in an inverse square […]

Obama’s Deal with Congress: Who Wins?

Summary: Recent domestic developments in the United States and Iran appear to represent setbacks for supporters of the nuclear negotiations. However, while the compromises and challenges are real, the concessions agreed upon actually benefit the President more than Congress and strengthen his hand. Russian efforts to derail a deal without appearing to are also proving […]

Outside the Box: How Likely Is An Israeli Attack On Iran?

Executive Summary: A conjunction of events opens a window of opportunity for Israel to launch a pre-emptive strike against Iran’s nuclear facilities. The framework agreement reached in Switzerland between the 5+1 nations and Iran is vehemently opposed by the Israeli government, which wants what it considers a more permanent solution to the problem. Republican legislators in […]

Peace with Iran … for now

On Friday, negotiators in Geneva reached an agreement to limit and improve the monitoring of Iran’s nuclear program in return for the continuation of that program for peaceful purposes and the lifting of economic sanctions[1]. What exactly was agreed? The Washington Post provides an excellent summary of the agreement: This is not a perfect agreement, […]

India test-fires ‘China killer’ missile

Common Sense recently discussed the threat posed by the proliferation of ballistic missile technologies here. Not four days later, India has test fired an intermediate range ballistic missile, with an estimated range of 5,000 kilometers (3,125 miles). According to The Times of India, the Indian Defense Research and Development Department (DRDO) plans two more tests […]

Bye Bye Bashar

For over a year, the regime of Bashar al-Assad has clung to power in Syria through a policy of naked force and repression.  Mr. Assad has shown himself capable of ordering the most ruthless acts of violence against his own citizens. He has not hesitated to send tanks and aircraft to bomb neighborhoods, using snipers […]

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