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2016: The Year of Ungovernability (Part 3)

This series of articles provides a brief overview of the conditions in different parts of our increasingly unified global system that are symptomatic of its increasing entropy. The selected examples are each relevant to the disorders of our day, both in relative size and in their typology, though they may appear to be unrelated. This […]

Syria is the New Spanish Civil War

The Syrian Civil War, the fight against the Islamic State, the anarchy in Yemen, terrorist bombings in Lebanon and Kuwait, the renewal of hostilities between Turkish authorities and the PKK: these events cannot be viewed in isolation. Although each has its own unique and specific causes, actors and circumstances, they all must be viewed through […]

Historic Nuclear Deal with Iran Reached

The Five +1 nations have reached an agreement with the Islamic Republic of Iran for the peaceful resolution of the nuclear impasse, says the New York Times. This is a “Nixon going to China” moment in US foreign policy. If the deal holds, and if the Iranians live up to their end, and if the […]

The War against the Islamic State

The United States is in an undeclared war against the forces of the Islamic State, a genocidal militant group that controls a territory larger than Great Britain with over 8 million inhabitants. Claiming the title and inheritance of the Caliphate, last held by the Ottoman Sultans in the early 20th century, the followers of Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi […]

Bye Bye Bashar (III)

Syria remains in the news, due more to its proximity to Israel and America’s preoccupation with all things Islamic than to mere body count. Two years of civil war in a country like Zaire or Laos would not cause the papers to dedicate more than a brief note to the ongoing conflict. Now the Syrians have […]

“Our obligations to our country never cease but with our lives.“

John Adams


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