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The New Face of Europe


Paris continues to be rocked by protests and urban violence directed at French police and allegations that they are deliberately targeting minority groups and poor neighborhoods. Most protests have been peaceful, but there have also been violent incidents with hooded and masked provocateurs burning cars – now a French tradition – and hurling paving stones […]


Catalonia-Spain September Update: The Gift of a Thistle


People are finally starting to take notice of the political tsunami that is forming in Europe. People that matter: market makers, fund managers, traders. They are coming to realize what some of us have been saying since 2010: a storm is coming, and its twin foci are Scotland and Catalonia. It begins in Scotland, where […]


Europe’s Tea Party Moment


This past weekend delivered one of the most entertaining spectacles seen in Europe in a long time. My readers will be forgiven for assuming that I’m talking about the Champions League Final between Atletico Madrid and Real Madrid, which did indeed deliver the top billing it had received[1]. But as much as I enjoy association […]


“Our obligations to our country never cease but with our lives.“

John Adams


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