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Japan’s Strategic Challenge

You may download and play the PowerPoint slideshow here: japan2 or follow the link to the YouTube video here. Japan is a nation in the Pacific Ocean, just off the coast of East Asia. The Japanese archipelago consists of 6,852 islands; however, the four main islands comprise 98% of the land area and 99% of the population. […]

Asia’s March of Folly

In 1906 the HMS Dreadnought gently rode the Portsmouth yard slipways into the cold waters of the English Channel. Her launching immediately made every other battleship on Earth obsolete. The brainchild and driving passion of Admiral “Jackie” Fisher, First Lord of the Admiralty, the Dreadnought revolutionized naval architecture so thoroughly that she gave her name […]

Outside the Box: China, the US and Korean Reunification

President Obama just concluded a visit to China where the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) summit had met over three days[1]. This recurring event was important for a number of reasons: the last time China had hosted it was in 2002, a year in which the US was already gearing up for war in Iraq […]

The Asia Cauldron: Boiling Over

The Asian Cauldron: Boiling Over These events over the past two months have created a significant deterioration in the stability of the Eastern Pacific; China has significantly improved her long-term strategic position vis-a-vis the United States in any potential conflict, by securing energy supplies from Russia that cannot be interdicted by the US Navy, while […]

The War America Lost

BREAKING NEWS U.S. Agrees to Meet Chinese Representatives in Geneva to End Hostilities. By TR and JMC, Washington D.C., Sunday 16 September 2018 (Reuters) – State Department officials have confirmed that U.S. and Chinese envoys will meet in the Swiss capital to discuss a formal cessation of hostilities, and that a 48 hour cease fire […]

Nihon-no atarashī yoake (Japan’s New Dawn)

Common Sense has been following the ongoing conflict over the islands of the South China Sea – and the mineral and fishing wealth they offer – for some time[1]. There are a number of states involved, but the central feature of all disputes is China’s claims to sovereignty and an economic exclusion zone over the […]

Happy Days (Are Here Again?)

Anyone reading the headlines of a major world newspaper would think that the worst is over for the global economy. In Europe, the Greek haircut has been “successfully” carried out and bond prices have fallen from the red zone of the fourth quarter last year. The US economy keeps adding jobs while the housing market […]

Japan picks US F-35 for JSDAF

http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-asia-16259895 On December 20th, 2011, Japan announced that it had chose the US-made F-35 Lightening II to replace its aging F-4s as the mainstay of its air defence fleet. The JSDAF plans to buy 42 joint strike fighters for a total price of US$8 billion. The Lockheed Martin aircraft beat the BAE Systems Eurofighter Typhoon as well as […]

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