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How to Topple the American Oligarchy (Part One)

My fervent hope is that 2015 be the year that the American people begin to reclaim their country. For the past 35 years, we have been subjected to the most brutal kind of class warfare: and we have lost. We have lost control of our economy, we have lost control of our government, we have […]

Wealth Inequality in America

An informational video on the perception and reality of wealth inequality in America. Powerfully simple. Reproduced with permission of author.

Myth #4: Democrats are bad for business

It has long been an article of faith amongst Republicans that only their party can be good for the economy, because Democrats are in fact closet socialists. This tradition goes back all the way to the founding of the Republican Party, which was disdained by the 1850’s version of the Democratic Party as Yankee stockjobbers and rabid New England […]


http://pewresearch.org/pubs/2069/housing-bubble-subprime-mortgages-hispanics-blacks-household-wealth-disparity This summer, the Pew Center published some research on the impact of the Great Recession on American household wealth, with a focus on disparities between ethnic groups. “Twenty-to-One” is the ratio of the median income of white households versus black households. The disparity with hispanic households is almost as great: eighteen-to-one. The Great Recession has […]

The Brandeis ratio: a proposal to tax income inequality

http://www.freakonomics.com/2011/12/21/an-inequality-tax-trigger-the-brandeis-ratio-explained/ The folks at Freakonomics present us with an interesting proposal to measure and tax income inequality. It is not enough to simply “tax the rich”; funds from these taxes must be channeled into investments that maximize the potential of the poor to surmount the very significant barriers that exist to enter the middle and […]

“Our obligations to our country never cease but with our lives.“

John Adams


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