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The Fear of the Other Europe by Reva Bhalla

The Fear of the Other Europe is republished with permission of Stratfor. The views expressed are exclusively those of the author and are not necessarily endorsed by Common Sense.   Refugees are a natural byproduct of revolution. Stripped of status and security in the throes of political change, the masses will tend to sacrifice a life of […]

France rocked by Multiple Terror Attacks

This update is republished with permission of Stratfor. The views expressed are exclusively those of the author and are not necessarily endorsed by Common Sense.     Update (6:00 CST): According to French media reports, French security forces have stormed and secured the Bataclan theater. The attackers apparently used grenades inside the main concert hall, Aujourd’hui […]

Europe: The Coming Storm

Europe’s leaders continue to maintain an outward appearance of calm and assurance, preaching the green shoots of growth, the improvements to European banks’ capitalization and to their successful management of this year’s slate of crises – from Ukraine to Greece to Syria. This is, of course, propaganda: somewhat true, but mostly false and meant to […]

Austerity as a Solution to Germany’s Demographic Challenge

The recent history of the Greek crisis has conclusively demonstrated that Germany runs Europe. Although the Teutonic nation neither desires nor wields complete and unchallenged mastery, Berlin can impose its will on its European partners when the country feels its vital interests are at stake. This was the case with Greece: the Germans had worked […]

Die Lüge (The Lie)

Recent news out of Europe has been surprisingly mild: higher than expected growth in European economies; falling risk premiums across Southern European sovereign bonds; progress on the single bank resolution authority; release of pent up demand. Finance Ministers and business leaders make the proper cautious noises, but the tone is one of suppressed triumphalism: Europe […]

Spain’s Demographic Woes

April was an unusually rough month for Spain in the news. On Monday, Eurostat published the official statistics for public debt in the Eurozone and Spain topped the list with a deficit of 10.6% of GDP. On the same day, the Madrid government revised its 2013 estimate for growth sharply downwards from -0.5% to -1.5%, in line […]

The Next Ten Years (Part One)

The 2012 Elections is truly a crossroads for America. It’s not your typical election year rhetoric; it’s not another sound bite.  It’s the truth. This is the first federal election since 2000 in which the United States will be neither engaged in war or deep in the nadir of a financial crisis.[1] For the first decade […]

“Our obligations to our country never cease but with our lives.“

John Adams


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