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Spain’s Two Answers to Congressman Pitts

On the 16th of April, the USS Florida was steaming out of the Royal Navy’s facilities in Gibraltar after a short port call. In the brief period between the Florida’s departure from the dock and her entry into the international waters of the Strait of Gibraltar, the Navy ship was twice harassed by Spanish vessels: […]

Ceuta to Moscow: “Send More Russians” by Alex Calvo

Ceuta Port Authority reports 50 Russian ships docked in the city in 2010-2014 Alex Calvo is an expert on defense and security in the Indian-Pacific Ocean Region. He tweets at Alex__Calvo and his work can be found here. The article is reprinted with permission of the author. The views expressed are exclusively those of the author […]

From Russia With Love…To Ceuta

Defense experts on both sides of the Atlantic have expressed concern about the increase in Russian submarine activity in the Atlantic Ocean[1]. Russian patrols have risen by 50% to what one unnamed European diplomat described as “Cold War levels”. Not only the frequency of excursions has increased: the submarines are approaching the United States and […]

Russians Drink Sangria as Ukraine Burns

Cease fire violations are a part of the daily routine in the no man’s land of Eastern Ukraine. Rifle fire, automatic weapons and exchange of mortar rounds between Ukrainian government forces and rebel militias is a matter of course, with up to 100 violations in a day[1]. For the moment, that is all there is: […]

Gibraltar: The Daily Grind

There has been a stand-off today between a number of Spanish government vessels and the Gibraltar Squadron inside the Territorial Waters of the British Overseas territory. Beginning at 0500 local time, the HMS Sabre left the port at high speed to intercept and shadow the Spanish Oceanographic Research Vessel Ángeles Alvarino. Throughout the morning, the Spanish […]

Spain’s Ceuta: A Dangerous Game by Alex Calvo

Alex Calvo is a Professor of International Relations and International Law, and Head of the IR Department, at European University (Barcelona Campus), and a guest professor at Nagoya University. An expert on Asian security and defense issues, he got his LLB from the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS, University of London) and is currently doing an MA […]

Spain: The Russians Are Coming

Spanish newspaper El Pueblo de Ceuta reported[1] on Sunday the arrival of two ships of the Russian Navy, the Alexander Shabalin and the Ivan Bubnov. The Shabalin is a 4,000 ton amphibious landing ship assigned to the Baltic Sea Fleet while the Bubnov is a fleet replenishment tanker with a fully-loaded displacement of 13,500 tons […]

Gibraltar: Addendum

Gibraltar: Correction In my previous post, I wrote that a Spanish warship had intercepted two cargo ships bound for Gibraltar port. At that time, I had posted a picture of a Descubierto-class corvette, but in fact the ship involved is the Tagomago (P-22), an Anaga-class patrol boat. The most critical factor is that both are […]

Gibraltar: A Firmer Response Is Needed

On the 17th of July, a Spanish Navy patrol boat intercepted two merchant ships en route to the port of Gibraltar and ordered them to turn around[1]. The incident took place within the 3-mile International limit, which Spain does not recognize in the case of Gibraltar. This incident adds to the more than 600 incursions[2] […]

Between the Rock and a Hard Place

As I write this article, I am sitting on a 4th floor terrace in the Spanish port town of Marbella; close enough to see the Rock of Gibraltar on a clear day, but not close enough to see the hours long lines that form at the international frontier due to the recent row between Spain […]

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