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Myth #3: The Obama Spending Binge

All’s fair in love and war, or so the saying goes. In politics as well, if US elections are anything to go by. Short of murder, American politicians can get away with almost anything on the campaign trail and could give lessons to Mr. Fantastic on stretching the truth. This includes the promotion of some […]

Myth #2: The Bush-era Tax Cuts

Once article of faith among Republicans is that tax cuts pay for themselves over the long run. How would this operate in theory? A tax cut to individuals would lead to more consumption as people spent the extra money on goods and services; this would in term increase business profits and lead to economic growth. This in […]

Mythbusters #4: A Rebuttal

I’m always hoping for intelligent and challenging feedback to my articles, and I received an email from a good friend of mine who was happy to oblige me. This is not the first debate we’ve carried on by email – the one around the health care reform debate could have filled a small book – […]

The Next Ten Years (Part One)

The 2012 Elections is truly a crossroads for America. It’s not your typical election year rhetoric; it’s not another sound bite.  It’s the truth. This is the first federal election since 2000 in which the United States will be neither engaged in war or deep in the nadir of a financial crisis.[1] For the first decade […]

“Our obligations to our country never cease but with our lives.“

John Adams


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