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Interview with Alfred Bosch, MP for Barcelona in the Congress of Deputies


I had the opportunity this week to interview Mr. Alfred Bosch, a member of the Spanish Congress of Deputies with the Esquerra Republicana de Catalunya, or ERC[1]. Mr. Bosch had invited me to meet with him after reading my article, “Catalonia and Spain: End Game Scenarios”: he wished to comment on some controversial details in […]


“Como Amigos”: Alfred Bosch and Rosa Díez Debate Catalonia’s Future


I had the opportunity yesterday to attend a debate on the subject of Catalonia’s future held in the Spanish Parliament building. The occasion for this exposition of views was the presentation of a new book on the subject of Catalan independence by Alfred Bosch, member of Parliament for Barcelona and spokesman for the Esquerra Republicana […]


“Our obligations to our country never cease but with our lives.“

John Adams


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