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Shackled and Drawn

Understanding Trump’s victory over Hillary Clinton requires that we draw together disparate, but related, strands of narrative. One storyline is the tactical failings of the Clinton campaign and the conceit of a Democratic Party that thought that they could impose a flawed candidate from the party apparatus on an electorate that was evidently tired of […]

The War on Christmas

Special thanks to Mike Duncan and his Revolutions Podcast for planting the seed of this story and providing such interesting and entertaining history[1]. Conservatives across America breathe a sigh of relief and celebrate yet another victory on the 26th of December: they have managed to defend Christmas against the sordid villainy of President Obama and […]

Obama, ISIS and the Death of the United Nations

On September 23rd, the United States commenced bombing operations against Islamic State targets in Syria. Aircraft bombed enemy infrastructure, equipment parks, logistical facilities and other high-value targets across a broad swath of territory, from Ramadi to Rakka and Aleppo. Air attacks have been launched every day and night since then, striking at ISIS economic targets […]

Is Obama Putting Boots on the Ground In Iraq?

The NATO summit in Cardiff on the 4th and 5th of September dealt with two issues: the return of an aggressive Russia and how to deal with it; and the threat posed by the emergence of the Islamic State, a barbarous band of murdering Sunni extremists that have taken over large swathes of Iraq and […]

Myth #3: The Obama Spending Binge

All’s fair in love and war, or so the saying goes. In politics as well, if US elections are anything to go by. Short of murder, American politicians can get away with almost anything on the campaign trail and could give lessons to Mr. Fantastic on stretching the truth. This includes the promotion of some […]

Bye Bye Bashar (V)

The Syrian Civil War continues to take a bloody toll of lives, with a level of human and material destruction that can be justly described as catastrophic. It is also irreparable: though property can be rebuilt and businesses restarted, the loss of lives and livelihoods will set the country back by at least a generation, […]

Mythbusters #4: A Rebuttal

I’m always hoping for intelligent and challenging feedback to my articles, and I received an email from a good friend of mine who was happy to oblige me. This is not the first debate we’ve carried on by email – the one around the health care reform debate could have filled a small book – […]

Poker Night with Vlad and Bashar

The debate in the West whether to authorize or not a strike against the forces of Bashar al-Assad gets, in the words of Lewis Carroll, “curiouser and curiouser.”[1] Since the initial warning by intelligence agencies that chemical weapons might have been used in a large scale attack against civilians on the outskirts of Damascus, the […]

Where Are The Jobs, Mr. President?

Back in January 2012, I predicted that if unemployment was below 8% on Election Day, President Obama would be reelected (with some additional caveats). Dutifully enough, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that unemployment stood at 7.9% in October and the President never looked back. In an election where social and foreign policy issues were arrayed […]

The Extraordinary Spectacle

November 7th, 2012. Today, Democrats woke up to the thrill of victory, while Republicans suffered the bitterness of defeat. Many people of both parties didn’t wake up at all, since they had never gone to bed: at least that was my case as I watched the election unfold from Munich, Germany. CNN didn’t predict President […]

“Our obligations to our country never cease but with our lives.“

John Adams


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