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Election 2012: October Update

The time has come for Common Sense to wrap up its Election 2012 coverage with a final update. Yesterday was the last Presidential debate, and with it, there are no more national fixtures between us and the November 6th election. It will be difficult to tell whether the three Presidential and one Vice-Presidential debate have had […]

The Next Ten Years (Part One)

The 2012 Elections is truly a crossroads for America. It’s not your typical election year rhetoric; it’s not another sound bite.  It’s the truth. This is the first federal election since 2000 in which the United States will be neither engaged in war or deep in the nadir of a financial crisis.[1] For the first decade […]

Election 2012 September Update

Only 46 days and a wake up until the general elections and that’s an eternity. With the Republican and Democratic Conventions behind us, we can still look forward to three nationally televised Presidential debates as well as one Vice Presidential debate in October. We can also expect that the September and October payrolls and consumer/business […]

PerryCare vs. RomneyCare

Texas leads the nation in the number of medically uninsured citizens[1]. No surprise there. Governor Perry is quite proud of the fact, as well: this is “lean government”, which in Republican terms translates as cutting even basic services for the poor. The Texas economy is growing fast and adding jobs, which can also be said of Saudi Arabia […]

The Lost Decade

A graphic representation of George W Bush’s economic legacy: Source: Pew Research Center, 22 August 2012 Unless you individually earn more than $250,000 a year, you would be a fool to vote Republican this year. Otherwise, the 2010’s graph is likely to be even lower than -5.9%.

Update: Obama, Democrats hold slight edge in battleground states

A recent NBC poll shows that President Obama and Democratic Senatorial candidates hold slight leads over Mitt Romney and Republican challengers in three key battleground states. [1] President Obama gathers 48% support in Ohio, Florida and Virginia vs. 44%, 46%, and 45% respectively for Mr. Romney[2]. In the Senate races, there was a wider disparity: […]

The Extreme Moderate

 Greene County, Virginia is not typically thought of as a hotbed of revolutionaries. It is a small, rural county of 18,403 inhabitants, nestled in the indescribably beautiful Shenandoah Mountains. The country and the people are typical Virginia piedmont: that means good earth and good folk. Yet in the April, the local Republican Party was calling for […]

Surviving Iowa

            by Brian McFadden, New York Times

“Our obligations to our country never cease but with our lives.“

John Adams


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