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A Path for Le Pen?

The first round of the French Presidential elections was held on the 24th of April and Europe breathed a sigh of relief as Marine Le Pen, the anti-EU leader of the National Front, came in second place to political newcomer Emmanuel Macron. The two outsiders were neck-and-neck in last weeks of the campaign, leading to […]

The Second Amendment: A Duty as Much as a Right

The Second Amendment: A Duty as Much as a Right I just bought my son his first air rifle. It is a Gamo G-Force breech break rifle in .177 caliber (4.5 mm) shooting a 12 gram steel ball or pellet at 360 feet per second: painful, but not dangerous unless you hit someone in the […]

Challenge and Response, but No Policy Change: US Strikes Assad

On the night of April 6th, US naval forces in the Mediterranean launched 59 cruise missiles against the Syrian government facility at Shayrat Air Force Base. The Tomahawk missiles were launched from the frigates USS Porter and USS Ross in response to a deadly chemical attack carried out on Tuesday the 4th against the civilians […]

The National Question

It is common wisdom that Europe’s overly secretive and entangling web of alliances at the end of the 19th and beginning of the 20th centuries were responsible for the horror of the First World War. When Gavrilo Princip assassinated Franz and Sophie Ferdinand on the streets of Sarajevo, the inevitable countdown to war began and […]

Inherent Resolve: Evaluating the First 60 days of the Trump Administration

While campaigning for election last year, candidate Trump derided then President Obama’s strategy in the war against the Islamic State. Calling it misguided and weak, Mr. Trump claimed that he knew more than the officers involved in conducting the operations of Inherent Resolve and that he had a plan to utterly destroy ISIS within 30 […]

The Bomb

The Bomb The European Union in 2017 has the appearance of a sickly old man with so many ailments that it is hard to know whether he’ll be carried off by pneumonia, blood poisoning or stroke. The continent lurches from crisis to crisis while Brussels struggles to find policy responses that go beyond “kick the […]

The New Face of Europe

Paris continues to be rocked by protests and urban violence directed at French police and allegations that they are deliberately targeting minority groups and poor neighborhoods. Most protests have been peaceful, but there have also been violent incidents with hooded and masked provocateurs burning cars – now a French tradition – and hurling paving stones […]

Resistance is NOT Futile: The Story of Thrasybulus

Many of my friends remain despondent over the election of Donald Trump and the ugly transformation of our country that he is leading. Some are becoming resigned – some have always been resigned – and unwilling to resist. “What’s the point” they argue, “protests accomplish nothing.” Resistance is futile: every autocracy throughout history has wanted […]

Catalonia-Spain Endgame Scenarios: 2017

Warning: In compliance with Spanish Intellectual Property law, Common Sense no longer quotes nor reproduces links to sites based in Spain. Verification of the veracity of this information is the sole responsibility of the reader.  In 2014, I charted five potential paths for the Catalan independence movement. I mapped the most likely progression for each […]

Why I Hate Freedom

Conservatives love freedom; liberals and progressives hate it. My entire adult life has been filled with this refrain, a secular litany as unquestionable for true believers as the religious one. It is repeated 100 times per day on the organs of conservative propaganda, like Fox News and Breitbart. It is immune to all evidence to […]

“Our obligations to our country never cease but with our lives.“

John Adams


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