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Google and Spain’s Digital Blunder


Spain has recently passed a law that requires all users of links to Spanish media sites to pay a copyright usage fee to those sites. For this reason, Google today announced that it will close its offices in the country and no longer index Spanish media sites at all.

There is still a lack of clarity regarding how this law might affect independent bloggers, such as myself. There seems to be divided opinions on how the law will be interpreted in these cases.

Notwithstanding this potential loophole, I regretfully announce that Common Sense will not longer include any links or references to Spanish media sites after 01 January 2015, when the new law takes effect.

I will still reference Spanish government websites when citing data sources originating from these; but information gleaned from other digital sources will no longer be quoted, which may impeded independent verification of my sources by readers. I apologize for this wholly unnecessary and prejudicial inconvenience.

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