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Bloomberg Non-News: Mas Might Delay Referendum If Rajoy Accepts Legality


Artur Mas tells Bloomberg that he is ready to delay the referendum if the Spanish Government accepts its legality, a la Scotland.

(See Bloomberg’s interview with Artur Mas: http://t.co/uXuH2Ed26e)

This has been the Generalitat’s position all along: “accept the referendum, then we’ll talk.” It has gotten nowhere because Mariano Rajoy’s position has been: “renounce the referendum, then we’ll talk.” There is no space for negotiation between those to positions.

What might have changed? Felipe VI. It is possible that the new King is using his influence to open up some political space for the Spanish PM. Rajoy can’t negotiate because the hardliners in the PP would revolt at any concession to the Catalans or even the hint of the legality of secession; but it is just possible that the new King could assuage the conservatives enough to allow Rajoy to open a dialogue with Mas which might allow them both to back away from the brink.


It remains to be seen if diehards on both sides would accept any compromise: it is hard to see Rajoy accepting the legality of a referendum that includes a question on independence, but it is equally hard to see Mas surviving an agreement on one that does not.

If he does agree to such a compromise, Rajoy might succeed in delaying the referendum past November 9th, but might have to deal with an ERC-led government thereafter.



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One Response to “Bloomberg Non-News: Mas Might Delay Referendum If Rajoy Accepts Legality”

  1. I think both Mas and Rajoy are playing a theatrical act for wich they’ll all be applauded; Rajoy for his robust interpretation of the defender of law and dignity of the grat nation and Mas for his messianic efforts to comply with the will and desire of his people.

    Following the course of the last interviews for international media, Mas will say: I tried to negotiate with Mr Rajoy, but it was simply not possible. Judging the tone and the words the two political leaders have used recently, it is very likely that this was Mas’s idea, but it is also in the best interest of Rajoy to use the “I listened, we talked, but what they were asking was impossible and illegal” argument.

    There is a small chance that there will be an actual negotiation and even an agreement, that should be forced by outside powers, given that it would be catastrohpic for PP and CiU. Most likely, Rajoy and Mas will be talking about soccer and some woman’s ass beetween acts, as guildmates.

    Posted by Genís Vendrell | July 16, 2014, 16:17

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