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2012 Election

Update: Obama, Democrats hold slight edge in battleground states


A recent NBC poll shows that President Obama and Democratic Senatorial candidates hold slight leads over Mitt Romney and Republican challengers in three key battleground states. [1]

President Obama gathers 48% support in Ohio, Florida and Virginia vs. 44%, 46%, and 45% respectively for Mr. Romney[2].

In the Senate races, there was a wider disparity:

 Battleground Senate Races




Sherrod Brown – 51%

Josh Mandel – 37%


Bill Nelson – 46%

Connie Mack – 42%


Tim Kaine – 49%

George Allen – 43%

Complacency is out of order. The campaign season is just underway and there is a long road to travel to November. These numbers can and will change as the elections near. It does show that Democrats have a powerful message for their constituents and for undecided independents, which must be reinforced and capitalized upon at every opportunity.

This also demonstrates clearly the important role that Democrats Abroad can play in tight races in battleground states. A few thousand votes could swing the balance and deliver large Electoral College victories to President Obama.

Let’s not forget how important it is to not only reelect the President, but to keep control of the Senate and, if possible, return to controlling the House. Otherwise, we face four more years of Republican obstructionism.

Sources and Notes:

 [1] O’Brien, Michael, “NBC-Marist polls: Dems have slight edge in three key Senate races,” MSNBC, 24 May 2012
[2] Percentage of voters in favor of the candidate from those expressing and “excellent/good” chance of voting.

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